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Don't lose your head when working high

Our work safely at height training courses are designed for persons who are required to work at height.

Participants will develop the skills to select height safety equipment and apply it to specific tasks, whilst working in accordance with Height Safety Regulations, Australian Standards and relevant codes of practice.

They will gain an understanding of risk assessments procedures and permits  along with company specific JSA/SWMS permits and undergo practical instruction in the correct use of height safety equipment.

P.P.E inspection requirements are just another aspect that is fully detailed to make sure that you and the equipment you have chosen to use will meet the requirement s of the task.

Participants will learn correct climbing techniques, weather it is free climbing a ladder to climbing a tower or other structure for maintenance.

Knowing where, when and what restraint system to use for the job at hand. Just because the kit you purchased contains one type of attachment, you need to understand it use correctly. A 2 metre lanyard, 2 metres above the ground isn’t going to work for you. Working at height is a dynamic environment and you need to know all of the solutions for your safety.

Gain an understanding of Elevated work platforms and the current requirements for wearing harnesses in them.

Understanding the dangers of Suspension Trauma, a serious life threatening condition that can claim a life quickly if not acted upon. Peer to Peer rescue systems such as Rolgliss and Gotcha Kits. Do your staff understand the correct use of this life saving equipment? Can it be deployed to rescue a trapped fallen worker quickly or used to assist a fallen worker to lower themselves to the ground?


We will cover all of this in your training course, to make sure you can work safely at any height.